Petite Herbs of Provence


Bright flowers, green and fragrant herbs, newborn animals – these are the signs of Spring. But when the clouds move in and the air chills, all of those things are lost. Or are they? With our Petite Herbs of Provence families and guests can savor the taste of Spring all year long through a flavorful dip or meal garnish; the different savory possibilities are plentiful.

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Product Description

Petite Herbs of Provence was made in France; the mix itself consists of 4 different herbs: fennel, thyme, rosemary, and lavender. All of these herbs are stored in a cute glass jar that can be repurposed after finishing the mix. The instructions give a recommended amount of herbs to add to the other ingredients but more or less can be put in depending on personal preference. Use either sour cream or a blend of sour cream and mayonnaise to complete the dip. Great for social gatherings or family meals, this dip can be eaten with chips, bread, veggies, or anything else the heart desires. Being as they are contained in a clear glass jar, these herbs would look lovely out in the open without becoming an eyesore. As mentioned before, once the mix is gone the glass jar can be used for something else. Some ideas include a pretty container for bath salts, a container for a small serving of dry ingredients for soup, and a shabby-chic vase for wild flowers. Petite Herbs of Provence also make a good gift for those who enjoy cooking or having company. They are great for placing into basket kits with pre-handmade mixes for those who like to cook but have limited time.