Wine Glasses Leiho Dish Towel Box Set


No need to wine about drying that stack of freshly washed dishes. Our fun yet tasteful wine glass embroidered Leiho dish towel set is a great way to show your love of vino even when there’s no bottle in sight.

This product is currently out of stock and unavailable.

Product Description

There’s no wrath from these grapes! Our set of three immaculate white cotton Leiho dish towels with wine glasses embroidery is a beautiful accent to any kitchen. This terrific towel trifecta is made in house from our luxurious but durable custom fabric. Machine washable and easy to clean, our towel set comes with the option of a tonal white fabric frame. The embroidered detail highlights grape clusters and wine goblets of varying hues for added pop and whimsy. Our gorgeous wooden storage box contributes to an overall flawless presentation and helps make this towel set the perfect gift for any somelier.

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