Elegant Wine Glasses Set


Like a supporting actor, the wine glass has a challenging part to play. It needs to look good, but not so good that people pay more attention to it than to the elixir it contains. It has to have character and heft, but not so much as to distract from the larger pageantry going on around it: the beautiful layout, the fine food, the scintillating conversation. Gilded but not extravagantly, substantial but not obtrusive, our Elegant Wine Glass plays its role to perfection.

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Product Description

A glance in passing at the table tells a dinner guest what sort of evening it’s going to be. Ill-paired settings, empty spaces, and stubby glasses speak of a host who hasn’t really put much thought into the affair and is possibly anticipating disaster. Elegant vessels, a well-crafted layout, and a general feel of confidence reassure the guest that his dining companions have been well chosen and his culinary hopes anticipated. Hand-blown, hand-gilded in a swirling pattern of 14-carat gold perfected by centuries of North Italian craftsmanship, our Elegant Wine Glass will reassure your guests that they’re in good hands. At more than 8 inches in height and with a capacity exceeding the norm at 8 liquid ounces, yet whippet-slim as a Jazz-era temptress, it speaks to both your generosity and sense of proportion. This is not a glass to use for just any occasion, though. To live long, it needs to be hand-washed and gently dried with a soft cotton towel. Your guests will sense that level of detail and remember the occasion with all the more appreciation.

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