Old Fashioned Tumbler Set


At the Tehran Conference in 1943, when the Big Three who led the Allies to victory in WWII—Churchill, Roosevelt, and Stalin—met for the first time, Stalin was suspicious of Western cocktails and never let Roosevelt mix him one of his signature Old Fashioneds: a concoction of sugar, bitters, whiskey, and lime served in a chilled 12-ounce glass. Had Stalin been more relaxed, the long-drawn-out conflict would have ended sooner. Avoid the same mistake. Guarantee peace in your time with our Old Fashioned Glass Set.

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Product Description

Three and a quarter inches high and with a capacity of 12 liquid ounces of your favorite ice-cold-ambrosia, our Old Fashioned Glass Set will make a discreet but memorable impression at your parties for ages to come. Your boss will appreciate the powerfully delicious punch you can leverage into such a small-seeming vessel. Your boss’s significant other will be distracted enough by the artisan-quality, 14-carat-gold detailing to not complain why this lovely glass remains in the boss’s hand for so remarkably long. The hand-painted swirl design works beautifully for all the cocktails that made Stalin nervous, from green gin gimlets to the rare pink French 75 (grenadine, brandy, and Champagne), and the gold overlay keeps a glass as cleanly and dryly in the boss’s hand as a wraparound napkin. These matching wineglasses keep the convivial dynamic going through the dinner party that follows.

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