Vino 911 Stain Remover


It’s one of the unwritten laws of nature that only a small window of time exists between the acquisition of a lovely piece of fabric and the moment someone spills red wine onto it. Happily, we’ve discovered a product that keeps most fabrics immune from even the toughest of wine stains. Used properly, Vino 911 stain remover offers a host absolute peace of mind.

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Product Description

Over the years, we’ve tried every supposed answer to the problem of wine stains, from rapidly applied seltzer water to soaking in brine, and none of them really works. It was with great satisfaction, then, that we came across Vino 911, the best wine stain remover. It isn’t quite as magical a solution as the manufacturer makes it out to be, but on the other hand it works so much better than any alternative that we don’t hesitate to recommend it highly. As soon as possible after wine is spilled onto fabric, spritz Vino 911 over the whole area. The stain will visibly fade to almost nothing within minutes, but the attentive host will still note a faint gray discoloration. The discoloration begins to go away with laundering; after a cycle or two, it will disappear entirely. We’ve tested Vino 911 with great success on cotton, linen, and woolen fabrics. It doesn’t work quite so well on silk—but then, silk needs inordinate pampering. The only thing we found it doesn’t work on is acrylic shag carpeting, which thankfully nowadays is hard to find.

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