Natural French Melodie Runner


Quietly confident in its own good looks, our Natural French Melodie runner is the perfect backdrop for tableware and other object d’art toward which you want your guests’ attention drawn.

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Product Description

Made of Belgian flax that lends it the air of an antique itself, our Natural French Melodie runner, with its sienna-kissed floral motifs on an unassuming but attractive beige background, is the ideal foil against which to display cherished treasures. Whether it’s a set of crystal decanters or silver plate on the sideboard or a collection of snuffboxes or rouge pots on the mantelshelf, whatever you wish to show off will look great in contrast with the Old World grace of this linen runner. And don’t forget to check out the Natural French Melodie Collection, with Napkins and Tablecloths to complete your set.

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