Pink Himalayan Salt Tube


Mined by hand in the ancient hills of Himalayan Kashmir, our pink Himalayan salt is the purest, cleanest, most delicious, most mineral-rich in the world. Cook and prepare your meals with pure pink luxury.

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Product Description

There’s a reason your doctor tells you to cut down on conventional granular white table salt; that stuff has been chemically bleached, de-mineralized, and mixed with artificial iodide—so, of course it’s unhealthy. Our non-processed pink Himalayan salt is packed with natural minerals, and it’s so flavorful you’ll find you need much less of it to produce that clean taste everyone loves. A few teaspoons in a gallon of water also produces the perfect brine, while a tablespoon added to your bath brings spa relaxation to your own home. Search our Kitchen and find the perfect salt mill for this rich pink Himalayan salt and tell your guests to savor the taste of a gourmet treat.

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