Metal Napkin Rings


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Chic and sleek and timelessly elegant, these stainless-steel Metal Napkin Rings show off any napkin at its best; the simple knot design complementing any setting from casual to formal.

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These handsome go particularly well with our more modern-styled napkins, such as the Majesty Napkin or Smoke Napkin. They also contrast attractively with our ultra-modern Granite Silverware Set. But as well as pairing with will our napkins, these metal rings also pair with various holidays and events around the year. Perhaps for the Christmas or New Years Party? Or at the christening of a new baby into the family or welcoming a new adult into the world at their bat/bar-mitzvah. There are so many options with something so cleverly chic and classic; its timeless and ready to tie together the details at any event, at home or at an event.

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