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Jeweled Napkin Ring

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Jeweled Napkin Ring


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In almost every household there are everyday rings and special ones. Our Jeweled Napkin Ring is the ultimate in accessories for the high-holiday formal dinner.

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Product Description

In most European households, especially French ones, the linen drawer contains at least two sets of ronds de serviette, or napkin rings. The everyday ones are literally used every day, and each family member covets his or her individual one with the passion of a habit deeply ingrained. For formal occasions, there are matching ronds de serviette—a composed table demands symmetry, and individualized napkin rings would introduce a note of chaos. Our Jeweled Napkin Ring is exactly what you want on a sophisticated table. Designed and built by a French firm that has been in the table-furniture business since 1847, they marry Old-World value with modern technical wizardry that makes tempered colored glass look like precious stone. The glass comes in a mixed variety of warm colored stones, perfect for alternating between any type of tabletop spread. The metal chassis is heavy and substantial; any guest removing a napkin from it will feel the full weight of a significant occasion. This ring works well with any fabric but is perhaps best suited to softer, older linen that folds rather than creases like starched cotton.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MATERIAL: Metallic lace, Hand crocheted – 6 acrylic stones per ring

Hand Wash Only

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