Wine Cork Spreaders


Add a healthy splash of whimsy to your next cocktail party with our novel spreading knives that look like you made them yourself out of vintage-wine corks.

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Product Description

An instant crowd-pleaser, these cork-handled spreaders will help break even the thickest conversational ice at your next bash. Your guests will at first think you made them yourself, but the instant they pick one up they’ll realize what solid, sturdy treasures these little knives are. The handles aren’t made of light cork but of heavy resin, so they feel far more substantial than they at first appear; the stainless-steel blades add to the heft and make spreading any soft cheese easy or any jam easy-as-pie. To get the longest-lasting service out of these charming utensils, make sure to wipe them with a damp cloth and then towel-dry after use.

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