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Rachel the Sheep Series

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Rachel the Sheep Series


The gentlest and most inoffensive of creatures, Rachel the Sheep Series is modeled as a nurturer, a trusting soul, and a generous provider – your little girl will be thrilled to get her hands on our small sheep doll.

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Product Description

Feminine and friendly and without a mean bone in her body, our dear sheep stuffed animal will wait patiently wait for your little girl on her bedspread like a single fluffy white cloud on a clear blue sky. Soft creamy fur with small tufts of hair falling this way and that, our stuffed sheep is the perfect little birthday or holiday memento for any growing girl. Feminine and soft, this sleepy furry friend will guide her to Sheep Counting Hill and guarantee long, peaceful nights of rest for your little one. Before bedtime, while tucking in the tiny tot and her companion, tell them how much ‘ewe’ love them and watch them slip into sleep with their bedtime bestie.

SET OF: Sold Individually
MEASUREMENT: Small – 9″H, Medium – 13″
MATERIAL: Plush Fabric
ORIGIN: Made in France
SAFETY: This product meets or exceeds safety specifications set forth by the BSI (Euro standard)
NOTE: Products are supported by renewable energy and Vermont dairy farms that product electricity with methane powered generators

Machine Washable. We recommend putting it in a pillow case to protect the item.
Air Dry, it has a poly fill so they will dry quickly and bacteria free.

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