Lin the Panda Bear


Few things go straight to a young child’s heart as surely as a panda bear does, and few pandas are as soft, squeezable, and as ruggedly kid-proof, as our charming panda, Lin the Panda Bear.

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Product Description

There’s something about panda bears—the big eyes, the snub nose, the cute ears, the distinctive mix of black and white—that has universal and irresistible appeal. Conceived and designed by a crafts toymaker that has been in operation in Vermont for more than 80 years, our soft Lin the stuffed panda bear is no exception. But what is really exceptional about him, besides the sparkly fur and textured fabric, is the concern for your child’s safety that goes into this stuffed panda bear’s construction. The eyes are sonic-welded to stay on and every doll is X-rayed to make sure it contains no dangerous metal particles. Lin the Panda is hard-stitched to stand up to lots of love and built to be as safe as a toy can get. Your child is very safe with our safety-engineered stuffed animals; perfect for the child’s imagination and perfect for their lovingly worried parents.