Nini the Mouse Series


Don’t hide the cheese! Plush, perky, and provincially attired, this fabulous family of stuffed mice will have you and your family reconsidering your opinion of rodents.

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Product Description

No need to squeak or stand on a table and hide! With their precious polka dot dresses and huggable bodies, the darling stuffed animal Nini Family will keep your children as quiet and happy as church mice. Constructed from velvety soft velour and reinforced with sturdy stitching for added durability, this long tailed mouse stuffed animal trio is equipped to handle the toughest of playdates and even run-ins with not-so-friendly felines. Oversized ears and padded paws add a touch of whimsy and make these cuddly creatures, as squeezable as a baby’s cheek. Coming in three sizes, for either a Goldilocks-perfect-fit or a family collection for them to enjoy, this mouse stuffed animal family is the most wonderful set of miniature neighbors you could wish for.

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