Lola the Lamb


What could be more lovable and huggable than a snow-white lamb stuffed animal? It doesn’t matter if you’re making a gift to a little girl or little boy – all children will fall head over heels for this one.

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Product Description

A lamb represents young innocence, purity, and hope; there’s nothing else in creation that so completely captivates us at first sight with its innocent nature. The downy fleece, the gangly limbs, the oversize eyes all press our cute buttons, and there’s little we can do about it. This little lamb stuffed animal is no different with her plush bean filled legs for fun posing, and stubby little tail. Similar to the child themselves, your children will immediately see a kindred spirit in Lola and take good hold of his or her new friend and not let go until both are fast asleep. And in the sustainable fashion of this little farm animal and its home, this child gift was created with renewable energy, ensuring that not only will you child get a clean-green made product, but in the future, perhaps they will go visit a farm and see their friend Lola in real life.

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