Julius the Dog


Have biscuits on hand and leash-n-collar ready for this lovable, black-patched, giant-pawed, handsome Julius the Dog. Nearly dressed, soft and plush, there is little to no bark in this stuffed dog’s bite.

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Product Description

They say dogs are a man’s best friend and fun-loving Julius the stuffed dog is no exception! With his droopy ears, soft white fur, and dashing black spots, this loyal pal is anxious to guard your tot on your evening walk or plot plans to wreak havoc on the neighbor’s cat. Mischief and exploration are the standstills for most children and with Julius there to make sure they’re safe, your kids are likely to travel the world while playing in the back yard. Suited in pale blue corduroy shorts and a suave yellow, white, and navy striped polo, Julius makes one preppy pup. Cute, cuddlesome, and able to travel anywhere, our charming canine companion will have you and your family wagging your tails for days.

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