Blanche the Deer Series


Blanche the Deer Series are decked in a floral-pattern frock tied on with a ribbon at the back alongside their trailing tails; either size is the perfect playmate for a summer picnic or day out in the city with Mom or Dad.

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Product Description

Children are like deer in that they are both coltish and big-eyed, innocent and pure, and enjoy the quick dash across an open field. The deer is a symbol of comfort to a young mind conscious of the big wide world all around, and our stuffed deer animal is the perfect companion for your little one to wander with. Small like your smallest one, our littlest Blanche sister would make a wonderful addition to your child’s stuffed animal menagerie. Or as your child grows, perhaps the oldest Blanche sister is brought into the fold. Our highly original, unabashedly artisanal custom French doll-maker has produced two sizes of a stuffed deer doll your kid will flip over: whimsically attired, a soft joy to rub one’s cheek against, and a comforting pal to sleep with. All-natural, heavily stitched for durability, our Blanche the Deer Series will be his or her friend for years to come.