Capucine the Bunny Rabbit


Floppy eared, sweet faced, and wearing a rosy colored romper, our white plush bunny rabbit Capucine will hippity-hop her way into your heart.

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Product Description

Stock up on carrots because this stuffed bunny rabbit is cute enough to eat out of the palm of your hands! Neatly clad in shades of pink with contrasting floral ruffled collar and ankle bands, our dear bunny is fashionably dressed and ready to play. Whether the day brings crib side cuddling, grocery store gallivanting, or indoor activities like crafting at home, our large stuffed bunny rabbit is the perfect companion to brighten even the rainiest of days. Your child’s new fuzzy friend is almost a foot long at 11 inches, not including the classic long rabbit-floppy ears. Exceptionally crafted and easy to wash, this darling French bunny rabbit doll is the perfect addition to your little one’s fluffy menagerie.

Consider also the Julius the Dog or Lin the Panda as playtime pals; or Sandy the Sheep and Penny the Chicken love to while the day away with wild imaginary games.

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