Ben the Brown Bear


Bears have big paws and big hearts, which is why children of all ages like them so much; they’re small enough to cuddle and play with, but big enough to love and protect you too and our large stuffed bear Ben most certainly fits the bill.

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Product Description

The bear is one of the most powerful and strongest icons in all of the animal species, which is why it also occupies such an honored place in almost any folklore. The bear represents power and patience with its gigantic sizing and steady edge, but also the kind nurturing protectiveness of the Big Papa. Our large stuffed bear Ben is one of the most popular of the bears, being a Brown Bear, and at almost a foot and a half is strong enough to keep your young one feeling safe. No cub could be more protected with this Papa Bear roaming nearby, a child seeking comforting and protection as well as love and friendship will find it all in this cute creature.

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