Toddler Dress with Bow Series


With beautiful detailing like lace slip, smocking, and seersucker, chambray and white color blocking, our Toddler Dresses with Bows begins spring with style.

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Product Description

Are you a sucker for seersucker, chambray, and bows? With its juxtaposition of fabrics, smocked silhouette, lace slip lining, and full button closure, our crystalline blue or pastel pink bows dress is truly made for a princess. Blocked sections of blue and white (or pink and white) cotton contrast with seersucker while enormous satin bows cascade off the shoulder to create a delicate but impressive sleeve detail that is both eye catching and fresh. An exceptional option for more formal occasions, our dress is also an excellent choice for picnics, birthday parties, siblings’ graduations, and the obligatory trip to grandmother’s house.

And don’t forget about our Toddler Pink Cardigan to keep her warm, or our pink Ruffle Socks paired with our Special Occasion White Baby Shoes.

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