Bamboo Baby Blanket Series


Let the ventilating properties of this revolutionary microfiber work their magic — cradle your little ones in this luxurious bamboo baby blanket, keeping them warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

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Product Description

Our health-friendly and eco-friendly baby blankets are hypoallergenic, and exceptionally strong yet silky-soft. It’ll keep getting softer with every wash. Just be sure to never iron the blanket or you can ruin the grain that makes this baby bamboo blanket so unique. Make your grandchild the envy of all the other toddlers at nap-time by having their blanket embroidered with a design, family initials, or name.

But if you need something a little more durable against the elements, we have a Fleece Baby Blankets available. Or if your little ones wants to bring along a stuffed friend and a blanket on a trip, its no worries with our Cubby Blankets with an attached animal companion.

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