Irish Plain Towel Series


There’s nothing so eloquent as unassuming elegance. These classic hemstitched towels make the most of Irish linen's signature qualities to deliver a look and feel your guests will remember as sheer luxury.

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Product Description

These towels get their softness as well as durability from the close weaving that characterizes Irish linen. Thanks to their hemstitching, both also drape fetchingly from wherever they’re hung and feel supple as silk in your guests’ hands. The soft snowiness of the fabric is best emphasized by the use of bold, dramatic color in the embroidery or monogramming you choose. Soft as a breeze, these towels are an enchanting experience for your guests each time they visit your home; the addition of embroidery takes this towel from gorgeous to exquisite. Be sure to note the lovely traditional weave that features so remarkably in this simple yet extraordinary bath linen. The durable linen lasts long and will never go out of style.

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