Short Towel Wrap


Sometimes you don’t need a big production. Sometimes all you need is a little bit of cover—with a pocket, ideally. Meet the ultimate short wrap.

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Product Description

Our short towel wrap is just the thing you need when all you want is to answer room service if you’re undressed or pop out to the hallway linen closet for a fresh towel after you’ve bathed. Four snaps provide secure closure for any body type; the 100% terry fabric means you won’t drip too much water anywhere. He’ll probably use it most, cinched about the waist, but she can use it, too, as a very short top. The absorbent white fabric offers limitless possibilities for embroidery; perhaps you should skip the first names and just opt for the last one you both share.

And dont forget the sentimental touch of embroidery when thinking about holiday or birthday gift ideas… nothing ‘says’ a person more than their own name.

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