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When you place your custom monogrammed order; you will need to have the EMBROIDERY DESIGN NAME and CODE when placing the order.

  • FL0447 Boston Ivy LeavesBoston Ivy Leaves
  • FL1589 LeafLeaf
  • FL1612 2 Inch Poinsettia Petal2″ Poinsettia Petal
  • FL1613 Poinsettia PetalPoinsettia Petal
  • FL1614 3 Inch Poinsettia Leaf3″ Poinsettia Leaf
  • FL1615 Poinsettia LeafPoinsettia Leaf
  • SC0113 Applique LeafsApplique Leaves
  • SC0114 Leaf 2Leaf 2
  • SC0115 Leaf 3Leaf 3
  • SC0116 Leaf 4Leaf 4
  • SC0120 Leaf 5Leaf 5
  • SC0121 Leaf 6Leaf 6
  • SC0122 1 Inch Leaf1″ Leaf
  • SC0123 1 Inch Leaf 21″ Leaf 2
  • SC0124 1 Inch Leaf 31″ Leaf 3
  • SC0125 Leaf 7Leaf 7
  • FL0920Ivy
  • FL0921Ivy
  • FL0917Heraldic Corner
  • FL0929Autumn Leaves Corner

All of our embroidery designs are constantly being added to and updated. Please be sure to check every few months for new embroidery designs, in every one of our embroidery galleries.