Hello, My Name is Embroidery

The art of embroidery is a historical trade from the 5th-3rd century BC, often punctuated with jewels, pearls, sequins, etc. Embroidered goods would share with the public your social status, your family history, or even just your fashionable taste in the trends. From this nascent origin, threaded stitch work has become a historical past time, with its own contribution into society’s art and fashion, as well as social psychology. These same historical embroidery stitches are still used today, although slightly quickened since the 19th century by the helping hand of embroidery machinery; from sports jackets, school uniforms, jerseys… all the way to Westwood’s tangible expression of art and fashion.

Now, let’s get started…

Types of Embroidery


A monogram is the sometimes-overlapping combination of 2 or more letters to create a grapheme. A single person’s initials would follow the traditional Classic Personal Design for a single set of initials. But a couple’s conjoined initials might look at the Modern Couple Design format for two sets of initials. Presently, the 1 initial and 2 initials monograms are acceptable and popularized today, but the 3 letter monogram has stolen our metaphorical heart with its tradition and air of Victorian prestige. Although we suggest monogram styles for products on their page, we also have an extensive Monogram Gallery of fonts that are also available; you can wander and search to your hearts content.

  • Modern Couple Design - Embroidery Slide - Jan de Luz Linens

    informational slide showing modern couple design for monogram embroidery

  • Classic Personal Monogram For Him - Embroidery - Jan de Luz Linens

    information slide for classic personal monogram design for man

  • Classic Personal Monogram For Her - Monogram Embroidery - Jan de Luz Linens

    information slide for classic personal monogram design for woman


This type of embroidery is for the complete embroidery of a word or name. When this development from monograms was borne, in 1400, there were only 3 script styles: Gothic, Roman, and Italic.

We offer traditional writing styles, i.e. Lucida, Century Script, Diana Bold, French Script, and Harrington in our suggested Text Embroidery options. And before you select which font you want to use, you can preview the way the word or phrase looks before choosing. (Right)

We also have an extensive gallery of all text fonts here.

This type of embroidery allows for more exploration with embroidery as an art form, combining shapes (an embroidery option called “Text & Image Embroidery) and words; springing this classic art form into the 21st century.


Then, there is image embroidery, which is an embroidered graphic image or pictorial design — a very large iconic field of shapes and colors and images. These can be very subjective and personalized — from the thread colors selected to use to the social connotation to the illustrated concept. To gather a better idea of how broad embroidery is and what capacities there are with embroidered linens; please browse the Embroidery Gallery, complete with all kinds of seasonal, decorative and commemorative images and different types of monograms for any occasion.

To the left, you can see an example of the Embroidery Example Pictures, with all pertaining embroidery information.


Of course, these three elemental groups can be combined into the final realm of design embroidery; which we call Image & Text embroidery. This is the combination of everything we have discussed — images and words/initials. (Left) We have a constantly building Embroidery Gallery available with all monogram, image, and thread color availability. If there is ever anything that you don’t see on our website for what you are envisioning, please contact us and we will be sure to respond within 1-2 business days and find a way to bring that vision to life. We have the ability to match wedding card fonts, work with personal details in creating a design, or even start from the most basic form of scratch — with our In House fabrics, we can start working on creating your dream from the first stitch.

How to Order Embroidery

Picking the PRODUCT FIRST…

1. Click on Shop from the Top Navigation Bar, shop for an item.

2. When you are on the page of the product you want, select variables as needed for the product, i.e. color stripes, length, size, etc.

3. If the item can be embroidered, look below the product photo gallery and click on the drop-down bar Would you like to add embroidery?”

4. Select your embroidery type. It will tell you the individual charge for each type of embroidery

5. Then, fill out the rest of the embroidery specifications. The blue boxes are buttons for instructional popups.

6. Add item(s) to cart when you are finished

Please Note: If your embroidery selection and product do not work together, usually for sizing reasons, we will email you back immediately and rectify the situation.


1. Click on Embroidery from the Main Navigation Bar

2. Enter any of the embroidery galleries listed there

2A. If you elected Monogram Gallery, you will see an example swatch for every font type, clicking on which will take you to a page to see that font’s entire alphabet.

2B. If you elected Text Gallery, you will see a list of 20+ font variations for your custom text embroidery.

2B. If you elected Image Gallery, you will see tabbed frame with categories listed on the tabs, within which you’ll find subcategories, and then the designs for that subcategory.

2C. If you elected Thread Color Gallery, you will see the extended list of thread colors available for your custom embroidery designs.

2D. If you elected Antique Monogram Gallery, you will see a small example gallery of the different Victorian-based antique vintage monogram designs.

2E. If you elected Custom Logo Designs, you will see a small example gallery of our previous logo designs – we can custom embroider any logo design.

2F. If you elected Antique Style Monograms, you will see a our NEW gallery of contemporary antique-styled and inspired monogram designs.

3. Once you have selected the monogram or image design that you want, you can either select the item you would like embroidered and enter the custom information into the Embroidery drop down menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions that haven’t been answered, please email or call us to let us know. We strive to make sure that our customers are knowledgeable about the process and products, and that shopping at Jan de Luz is a pleasant and easy experience.




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